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Scam-Proof Your Assets

by Garrett Sutton, Esq


Deceptive misinformation comes at us for many reasons.

A key reason is to steal our assets.

We are free to communicate and stay connected in many ways. This great benefit, however, is now abused by criminal elements to take and defraud, bringing shame on trusting souls.

The wreckage wrought by cyber criminality is not only financial but highly emotional. Lives are lost to depression and suicide. Don’t let this happen to you or your family.

Scam-Proof Your Assets: Guarding Against Widespread Deception gives you the tools and context for protecting yourself. Unlike other sources, Scam-Proof Your Assets teaches you the patterns to look for, including greed and fear, ‘expert’ positioning and charm as manipulation. With knowledge comes self-defense.

Scam-Proof Your Assets also keenly analyzes the marks that criminals target, which include the well educated and normally skeptical. If you think you’d never be a target, think again. Everyone needs the strategies set forth in this book. Now and into the future you must keep your guard up against the relentless predators’ assault. Get your guard up with Scam Proof Your Assets.

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Praise for Scam-Proof Your Assets

“Sutton provides both general and specific guidance on how to identify and protect oneself against such scams. For example, his “profile of your typical scammer” is an insightful list of 11 richly described attributes, such as “They like to tell you how the clock is ticking”; that list is followed by 13 equally insightful “things that make for a good mark,” which may give pause to any reader. The closing chapter’s excellent suggestions for developing “scam radar” supply a comprehensive checklist that’s as solid a resource as one could possibly find. Overall, Sutton’s prose is informative, easy to read, and authoritative without being stodgy. His detailed descriptions and expert advice will be valuable asset to consumers and business owners alike.”

“Timely, relevant counsel on how to avoid con artists.”

~Kirkus Reviews

“Insightful, well-written and evenly paced, author Garrett Sutton’s Scam-Proof Your Assets is a must read book for those tasked to protect their personal finance, as well as those who wish to learn about this growing problem. The author has clearly demonstrated a thoughtful approach to the topic as well as a deep-seated knowledge from years of experience in the world of finance, giving this book the authenticity readers crave when seeking out guided books.”

“In a world filled with more mis-information than ever before, this is one non-fiction read on personal finance you won’t want to miss!”

 ~Pacific Book Reviews