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About Garrett Sutton & Corporate Direct

Corporate Direct delivers the edge in business and wealth building. Asset protection, registered agent services, incorporation services, tax savings, real estate and investment strategies plus free resources are all here.

Corporate Direct is your site for creating your financial future.

I am Garrett Sutton, attorney, best-selling author and one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisors. I founded Corporate Direct in 1988 to assist entrepreneurs and investors in protecting their assets, maintaining their privacy and advancing their financial goals.

Since then I have learned that there are far too many charlatans and promoters pretending to be business advisors but only seeking to separate you from your money. The amount of misinformation and expensive snake oil asset protection schemes that exist today is staggering. It seems that the more ridiculous the strategy is the more money that is charged. Service is a dirty word to these people and integrity is not even in their vocabulary.

My commitment to you is one of your biggest benefits of all:

We offer professional and responsive service at an affordable price. We don’t sell you what you don’t need and we don’t take your money and then never answer the phone.

Instead, we seek to minimize your costs and charge a flat, discounted fee for a complete corporate formation. We provide live telephone support for streamlined protection and success. You can always talk to us on the phone during regular business hours. In fact, if you are ready to form an entity, you can call us right now at 800-600-1760 to set up a free 15 minute formation consultation with one of our Incorporating Specialists.

Other valuable benefits are part of the Corporate Direct experience. You can receive our monthly newsletter and read our informative reports and updates – all for free. And, as you read on, the other numerous benefits will become apparent.

Our Goal is Your Success

Corporate Direct is here to help you succeed in business and in wealth building, beginning with a strong foundation. Before you ever open your doors or make a client contact, before you invest in that first piece of real estate, you must get your structure in place. Your corporate structure will carry the weight of all your business and investing hopes, so it is imperative to do it right.

Will your company be an S corporation, C corporation, LLC, LP or maybe a combination of entities? Do you know the benefits and drawbacks for each? Don’t take choosing your corporate structure lightly. The choice may mean the difference between success and failure, more taxes or less taxes. The right corporate entity can protect your assets, build your bottom line, and position your company for success. As well, the right trademark can create significant added value to your business. At Corporate Direct, we are here to take you through the entire process at your pace.

Start Your Own Business and Protect Your Assets Today!

Being independently wealthy is the American Dream. But being self-employed is the American Destiny. Small businesses account for nearly 75% of all U.S. business revenues. They account for about half of our national output, employ about half of our private sector work force, fill niche markets, provide innovation to the marketplace and offer people from all walks of life a chance at freedom and wealth.

When you are ready to start your own business or protect your real estate, brokerage and/or crypto assets give us a call at 800-600-1760, or schedule online using the button below.