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Services and Pricing

General Formation Fee – $795

All of the Corporate Formalities are covered with one simple fee! Our formation fee includes all of the following items:

  • 15-minute Consultation with an Incorporating Specialist
  • First Year of Registered Agent Service ($125 value)
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Bylaws/Operating Agreement
  • First Meeting Minutes
  • Membership/Share Certificates
  • 24/7 document accessibility via secure client document portal
  • Garrett Sutton’s book Bulletproof Your Corporation filled with valuable information and legal templates
  • Ongoing corporate law updates from our in-house attorney, Garrett Sutton of Sutton Law Center.
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Additional Formation Services

EIN Assistance – $50

EIN stands for Employer Identification Number. Think of an EIN as a Social Security number for your business. You will file all your tax returns using this number and may need it to open a bank account for the business. You may obtain an EIN for free without our assistance at

Foreign Qualifications – $249

If your structure requires that you qualify to do business in another state in addition to your initial formation state then you will need to file a foreign qualification. State filing fees and registered agent service are additional.

Corporate Direct Expedite Fee – $279

Typical formations will be completed within 30 days and are processed in the order received. By paying this fee you will be pushed to the front of the formation queue. Expedited formation times will vary per state as different states offer different filing windows and expedited filing options. An additional fee to the state may be required in order to achieve your desired timeline. Please ask your Incorporating Specialist for details and timelines before ordering expedited services.

Mail Forwarding Service – $360/annually

If you form an entity in Wyoming, California or Nevada you are eligible for mail forwarding services which would provide a business address for you to use on all of your business correspondence, keeping your personal contact information confidential.

Wyoming Armor8® Service

  • Certificate Set-Up Fee – $95
  • Certificate Holding Fee – $75/annually
  • Certificate Removal/Return – $50
  • Amend Existing Operating Agreement with Article 8 language – $395

Registered Agent Service


Available in all 50 states!

Annual Renewal Fees

Keeping up with your Corporate Formalities is extremely important in order to maintain your limited liability protection. Corporate Direct will send you a renewal invoice annually when your state of incorporation requires a renewal.

You will be billed for the following items annually:*

  • State Filing Fees ($ varies by state)
  • Registered Agent Service: $125
  • Admin Fee: $45
  • Annual Minutes: $150

*May vary slightly according to state of formation

Additional Services

Annual Meeting Minutes

Draft bylaws/Operating Agreement
$450 (Includes organizational minutes.)

Amend Bylaws/Operating Agreement
$395 (Price subject to increase depending upon complexity.)

$295 (State filing fees additional and vary by state.)

Nominee Officers and Directors
$650/annually (Price subject to increase depending on volume of documents to be signed. Provided through Corporate Direct, Inc.)

Paralegal Service Fee

Document Retrieval Fee

Hard Copy Formation Document Package
$49 (Sent via USPS Priority Mail.)

International Address Service

Domestic Federal Express

International Federal Express

Corporate Minute Book

Corporate Seal Only


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Garrett Sutton is my corporate advisor for asset protection and privacy strategies. I highly recommend the services he and his staff at Corporate Direct provide. If it hadn’t been for Garrett’s protection years ago, I’d have lost everything… I trust Garrett implicitly.

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Robert Kiyosaki

Best Selling Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Corporate Direct made it so easy for me during a stressful time…I would not know the first thing to do to set up my corporation or where to file. You made it so easy to get my business license in California. Now I know I have the security of owning a company with all the right papers and was also able to set up my new bank account without a problem I will always use your services. Thank you again.

Johnathan Flores

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Corporate Direct does an excellent job with complex and multiple entity structures. They know how to provide real estate investors with maximum asset protection.

Curtis Oakes

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Corporate Direct is all about quality service. The account representatives and staff helped me through the entire process. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Shiela Russell