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Finance Your Own Business

by Garrett Sutton, Esq & Gerri Detweiler


Winner of the Pacific Book “Best Business Book of 2016″

To succeed in business it is important to use all the available tools. One of the key tools is business credit. Too many entrepreneurs rely only on their personal credit to carry it forward. In a time of need, their personal credit may be tapped out. Business credit is the second line of credit, which you need to build up as you start to grow.

Our book Finance Your Own Business: Get On The Financing Fast Track details the power of business credit, how to get an SBA loan, the secrets of micro lenders, the benefits of crowdfunding and more. You’ll learn:

  • The power of business credit
  • How to get an SBA loan
  • The secrets of micro lenders
  • The benefits of crowdfunding
  • How to prepare your own PPM
  • The risks of using retirement funds
  • Financing scams to avoid

Never Be Short of Capital Again

Shortage of capital is what most entrepreneurs said was their biggest mistake or challenge their first year. “One of the primary reasons why most businesses fail is a lack of available cash,” warns Mitchell Weiss, a former financial services executive and the author of Business Happens. “People just starting out don’t want to borrow or think about it. As lots of people know, you can get money when you don’t need it and it’s hard to get it when you do. You want a line of credit so you can tap it when you need it.”

In my book Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track we discuss the merits (and downsides) of many of these financing approaches and how you may be able to use them get the funding you need. We also share some you may have not heard much about such as raising money from foreign investors seeking US visas, merchant cash advances and SBIR grants.

But we’ll also talk about something you typically won’t find in a business financing book: how these methods may affect your credit.

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Praise for Finance Your Own Business

“‘Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track’ is a smart, easy-to-understand financial Bible for anyone looking to start and finance their own business.”
 Pacific Book Review

“Prospective entrepreneurs and seasoned start-up veterans alike can benefit from the smart financing strategies detailed here.” (read review)
 US Review of Books

“An energetic, informative handbook for business owners…Both aspiring and veteran business owners will find the book useful, as it details the ways companies can raise finances and operating credit at different points in the business life cycle.”(read review)
 Kirkus Review