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I’m Garrett Sutton, an attorney and the Rich Dad Advisor for LLCs, corporations and asset protection.

For the last twenty years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robert and the Rich Dad team to elevate financial well being. I’ve traveled throughout America and around the world helping Rich Dad readers grow and protect their assets.

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Ready to Form an LLC?

Incorporating can protect personal assets, create tax advantages and more. But only when done right. Talk to an Incorporating Specialist today to get a recommendation that considers your assets, state laws and the reason you’re incorporating.

Use the form below to schedule a time to speak with an Incorporating Specialist about forming an LLC or corporation for your United States investments. We can also help with registered agent services and corporate formalities such as annual minutes and annual state filings.

*Please note – Corporate Direct forms entities in the United States only.

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Why Choose Corporate Direct?

Corporate Direct believes in setting clients up for success for the life of their business. We are dedicated to helping our clients set up and maintain proper asset protection from the beginning. Clients get what they need from the start, at an affordable price, with no hidden fees or unmet legal requirements. To ensure this, we include:

All for $795

*plus any applicable state fees