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The Wyoming Corporate Handbook

by Kathleen Spitzer, Esq

This book will teach you:

  • The difference and uses of the four main entity structures: C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Partnerships.
  • Domestication of your business and registering to do business elsewhere.
  • The advantages of Wyoming structuring and doing business in tax free Wyoming.
  • The paperwork and logistics involved in setting up, running and maintaining your own entity.
  • Unique asset protection strategies available only in Wyoming.


The Wyoming Corporate Handbook lays out the advantages of entity formation with specific focus on state of Wyoming benefits. In a straightforward, easy to follow format, the book explains: The difference and uses of the four main entity structures.

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Praise for The Wyoming Corporate Handbook

“Every real estate investor and business owner in America should not only read The Wyoming Corporate Handbook, but should buy a copy of it for their legal and tax advisors as well.” –Mike Summery, Coauthor of the best-selling Weekend Millionaire book series.

“Kathleen Spitzer has written an excellent and informative book on important asset protection strategies. The Wyoming Corporate Handbook is definitely recommended reading.” –Gary Gorman, Best-selling author of Exchanging Up! How to Build a Real Estate Empire Without Paying Taxes…Using 1031 Exchanges