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Veil Not Fail

by Garrett Sutton, Esq

This book will teach you how to:

  • Protect your personal finances and assets from business attack
  • Use corporate entities like LLCs and corporations to reduce your personal liability in the event of a lawsuit
  • Stay above board and avoid sham and alter ego determinations in court
  • Understand the rules and corporate formalities you need to follow to keep your legal entities in good standing


When a business owner or shareholder is held personally liable for a business’s debts, that’s called “piercing the corporate veil” – and it happens in nearly half of all lawsuits against single-member and small corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs).

Garrett Sutton, Esq. is a corporate legal expert and the personal asset protection attorney for Rich Dad founder Robert Kiyosaki. In Veil Not Fail, he shares the critical information business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and high-wealth individuals need to set up and maintain secure corporate entities to protect themselves from personal legal exposure.

Veil Not Fail is a straightforward guide to corporate governance and financial risk mitigation for anyone who owns a business, property, or other investments – or for anyone looking to. With his signature candid and easy-to-understand style, Sutton gives you the information you need to better defend yourself and your company, and more importantly, reduce the risk of a lawsuit in the first place.

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Praise for Veil Not Fail

“Sutton’s meticulousness is impressive; despite the brevity of this book, he covers a dizzying expanse of juridical territory. His expertise is inarguable…A systematically organized and expert legal primer.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Sutton’s complex, fact-laden and highly informative manual is part of the “Rich Dad” series, for which he has written several guidebooks focused on forming and maintaining one’s business successfully. The rich material offered here will be of interest not only to those directly involved in corporate ownership and management but those considering the rewards, and possible risks, of taking on those roles.”–Pacific Book Review

“Engaging, thoughtful, and driven in its approach, author Garrett Sutton Esq.’s Veil Not Fail: Protecting Your Personal Assets from Business Attacks (Rich Dad Advisor Series) is a must-read business-related book to read in 2022. The book does an excellent job of highlighting the pitfalls and issues that could arise in any dealings with or for an LLC or corporation when dealing with finances, investment, or business as a whole, and the book will definitely resonate with business inspired people who enjoy being able to know more and be acutely informed.” – Hollywood Book Reviews