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NevadaNevada and Wyoming both offer excellent asset protection benefits and no state taxation. The corporate and LLC laws in each state are business friendly, and under the favorable laws directors, officers, shareholders, managers and/or members do not have to live or hold meetings in either state.

Both Nevada and Wyoming protect even single member LLCs via the charging order procedure, a key asset protection strategy.

How is each state different?

WyomingWyoming’s filing fees are less expensive on an annual basis, under $100 per year per entity versus nearly $400 for Nevada LLCs and LPs, and almost $700 for Nevada corporations.

Wyoming also keeps the names of LLC owners off their state’s website, which is an excellent privacy benefit.

Nevada, on the other hand, is the only state to extend charging order protection from LLCs to corporate shares. As such, many use Wyoming for LLCs and Nevada for corporations. Of course, everyone’s situation is different. But know that Nevada and Wyoming offer superior advantages when forming entities.

And we can qualify (or register) a Nevada or Wyoming entity to do business in your home state!

Whether you choose Nevada, Wyoming, or your home state of, for example, California, our formation prices are the same. The state filing fees vary from state to state, but our formation fees are equal, no matter what the state.