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Partner with us to prepare your clients for the Corporate Transparency Act.

Failure to file, or improperly file could lead to $10,000 fines and 2 years in jail!

Straightforward Pricing

CTA Filing
Amendment of Passport, Driver's License, or Address Information
$375 per entity (Includes Registered Agent Fees)
$100 per entity

Why Refer Your Clients?

Comprehensive CTA Filing

Hassle-free CTA filing services at just $375 per entity.  This includes filing the initial CTA report ($250) and one year of our registered agent service ($125).

Ongoing CTA Compliance

We have spent the last two years creating a new confidential database to safely and securely store your clients information. We will reach out to your clients when their information needs to be updated. When your client needs to change ownership and/or management of their company, we will make the amendments for them. Each of these changes costs $100.

Professional Experience

Founded by Garett Sutton, a renowned attorney and author, Corporate Direct is a professional registered agent service that serves 13,000 clients across all 50 States, and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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