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Owning your own business is part of the American Dream, but most business owners don’t have the expertise to determine how and where that business should be set up to protect themselves against lawsuits and liability. Garrett Sutton explains how owning the right entity (LLC, Corporation or Limited Partnership) and maintaining it can set you up for success and a prosperous future for years to come.

Sutton explores how having an asset protection structure customized for your business can help you pay less in taxes, and provide the best protection. Garrett Sutton explains how operating a business as a sole proprietor can put all your business and personal assets at risk to be lost if you loose a lawsuit or are found at fault in a car accident, for example. Learn which states are best to incorporate your business in. Even if you live and work in one state, you can incorporate in another to receive the best protection.

Other highlights include a discussion of Garrett Sutton’s new book, “Toxic Client: Knowing and Avoiding Problem Customers.” Garrett Sutton has worked with small business owner to have the inside track on how entrepreneurs can best secure their future by taking on the right clients and avoid and dismiss those that will empty your coffers, badger you into concessions and waste your time. By helping entrepreneurs to define success and avoid the pitfalls of running a business, Garrett Sutton’s books provide the ultimate guide to achieving a thriving American Dream by clarifying the paperwork and processes needed by entrepreneurs.

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“Toxic Client: Knowing And Avoiding Problem Customers,” by corporate lawyer Garrett Sutton, equips business owners with the knowledge to detect and avoid toxic clients before they poison the business. The book distills what Sutton has learned from advising owners on corporate legal structures – where he has heard some of the horror stories first-hand – into case studies that illustrate the do’s and don’ts of dealing with toxic customers.